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My hormones are running my life and I feel like my age is beginning to catch up with me, what can I do?

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy may be something for you to consider; especially if you are feeling restless, have a low libido or lack the overall energy to keep all the pieces of your life together and running smoothly.

Getting tested and having a consultation with a licensed Medical Doctor is the first step, you can have your hormone levels reviewed and get a customized treatment therapy that works for your body’s specific needs.

Bio-Identical Hormones is an all natural solution that can be added to your personal wellness and anti-aging program at any point in your life. They are made from Yarn and Soya extract and react well with your own body’s requirements. Synthetic hormones are available however, they are made from urine extracted from a pregnant mare and are combined with chemicals that do not work effectively with your body.

Article by Dr Takhar, Published in the Cambridge Times