Dr Deepa Takhar

About Dr. Takhar

Dr. Takhar was the first born child to strong and loving parents in Coventry, England. She was taught and encouraged by them to pursue her dreams. At the age of thirteen, Dr. Takhar knew she wanted to be a doctor. At seventeen, she was enrolled in medical school and at the tender age of twenty-two, she had turned that dream into reality.

After practising medicine and getting herself established for a few years, Deepa married at the age of twenty-nine. By the end of the year, the first of her two children was born. She also relocated to Saskatchewan, Canada to pursue opportunities which would allow her more control over her medical practice. While living in western Canada, Deepa held the position of Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Saskatchewan. She also operated a family practice as well as a walk-in clinic.

Dr. Takhar’s professional career was certainly on the fast moving track to success, but at home, she knew things were starting to unravel. Her husband had not yet found a position in his chosen field. Her prearranged marriage (quite common in many cultures) was taking a turn for the worse. Not only as a wife but also as a trained doctor, she was able to recognize the signs her husband was exhibiting.

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