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Please note: We are open every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm to see walk-in patients. You do NOT have to be a current patient for this service. This form is for URGENT issues only. No pap tests, complete check ups, or routine baby check ups. Please phone us for those appointments. No forms or narcotic prescription refills online.

This online service is for issues including but not limited to: sore throats, ear infection, urine infection, fevers, dizziness, cough, minor injuries, sick notes, skin infections, refill prescriptions, rashes, workplace injuries, bleeding etc.

If you are experiencing an Emergency please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.
Franklin Medical Centre ensures appointment availability within 48 hours. We will arrange for your appointment based on the time slots you have made available and advise you of your appointment date and time. If you wish to make an appointment with a specific primary care provider, please call the clinic to set up that appointment. Please also note that appointment times for a specific physician may take longer than 48 hours.

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